Hello world!

Welcome to CU Beverage Club’s blog!

You have entered the dominion of Cornell’s most hardcore beverage gurus (self-proclaimed “bevvies”). We are dedicated to sharing our love of beverages: tea, coffee, beer, wine, liquors, cocktails, and all things liquid! In this blog, you can expect original recipes, compelling reviews, industry news, trendy trend reports, and our latest, crazy experiments. We want to help all college-aged beverage enthusiasts spice up their libation routine. You don’t need to get fancy or expensive to make a great drink (but we still love that Dom Perignon).

It is true. Our e-board includes some flair practitioners, shake-happy bartenders, and loose-leaf tea obsessives. However, we are by no means experts. We want/need/desire your input. We welcome your suggestions and would love submissions on your latest beverage pursuits!

So now, let’s raise our glasses and salute; to you, the readership, to us, the blog. It’s gonna be a wet year.

Peace, love, and drinks,

The Beverage Club

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