Attention all, J Lo in ‘da house’

Dear readers,

A hearty welcome to the online dominion of bevvies! My name is Jonathan, and in this first post I will introduce myself, explain my presence on the blogosphere, and finally toss you a favorite recipe of mine.

First, let’s get the name squared away. The name “J Lo” was a monstrosity that my sister brought to my attention when I was only in the second grade (the “J” from my first name and the “Lo” from part of my last). You. Could. Not. Realize. My. Horror. Let’s be honest, all you men out there, having your name related so closely with the cooty-infested species of girls was social suicide in second grade. I fought, and I fought hard to prevent this nickname from latching itself onto my being. Fast-forward a decade later… and now all we/I think about is that “junk in the trunk”! I can’t say I mind as much anymore.

So yes, I have now adopted the bootylicious popstar’s nickname as my own for the blog. To do the name justice, I will try my hardest to be the Jennifer Lopez of Cornell’s beverage scene. No guarantees, but I’ll sure as hell try.

Ok, name done. Now let me give you an abridged, “explain-like-I’m-five-years-old” version of what makes me J Lo. I am from a suburb outside of San Francisco, California. I love Jazz and Indie Music. I play Flute and Bass. I used to be in a band with my high school friends (shameless plug). I love to bake. I love to eat. And now, I love to make drinks.

SO! What am I doing here?

Simply put, I am here to bring the joy, the tastiness, and the greatness of the cocktail to you. In this blog, I will be sharing my liquid-related ideas and original creations with you. I will share my latest obsession. I will share my greatest dislikes. All shall be shared, and shared shall be all.

By now, you’re all probably incredibly thirsty from reading. Allow me to share my liquid love affair from this past summer. Thirst quenched:

Gimme Mo’jito

1.5 oz Gold rum (Bacardi Gold, preferably)

1 oz simple syrup (preferably made with brown sugar)

.75 oz lime juice (or half a lime)

4-6 Mint Leaves

Soda Water


Instructions: Place mint, syrup and rum in the bottom of glass. Muddle well. Fill glass with ice, add lime juice, fill with soda water. Garnish with lime wedge.

I like the color of dark rum. Sue me, I’m not a traditionalist. Here’s a fun paired reading.

Before I sign out, my friends wanted to make an appearance…

"Why hello there!"

-J Lo


3 comments on “Attention all, J Lo in ‘da house’

  1. mtong22 says:

    Your friends are kinda cute. Wanna introduce me some time?

    Btw, what does it taste like?

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