J Lo announces his project – part 1 of infinity.

Kind readers,

As the first post, I will share with you my foremost project. This will be an on-going project until… well, until I run out of friends (God-forbid it’s because I run out of booze).

My first-ever original creation took place just under a year ago. This was before I had my own Boston shaker and other tools (actually, I had converted my unused coffee thermos into a shaker which worked brilliantly—put the ice and liquids in, clap the lid on tight, shake, and then use the drinking spout as your pour!). But anyways, I was hanging out with some friends at my place, and I was looking for something more manageable than just straight booze.

I started with a few mixes and then finally settled on a particular mix. I was playing with some Mango Absolut and some random mixers in my fridge. After a bit of ‘this’ and a bit of ‘that’, I passed the cup to my friend, Seojin, who enthusiastically burst out that she loved the creation. Surprised by the reaction, I cheesily announced that this was to be her drink. The whole group of us brainstormed a name for a quick minute, finally settling on “Seojin Special.”

Then and there, my project was born. The goal of my project: to create and then name as many of my original creations after my friends as possible.

Seojin Special

Formal prep

1.5 oz Mango Absolut
Fill two-thirds orange juice (I like pulp; haters stay away)
.75 oz lime juice
Dash of grenadine down the side of the glass (ooooh, pretty!)
Instructions: Build in highball glass full of ice. Be sure to remember a stir-straw.

Party prep
Use some standard of measure (a shot glass, a red cup, etc.) to define your ‘part’.

1 part Mango Absolut
2 part orange juice
1 part lime juice
Dash of grenadine
Instructions: Build into a cup with ice, and then pour (roll) between two cups 2-3 times to mix. Color should be somewhat like grapefruit juice.

This is a great fruity drink that is basic yet sophisticated at the same time. The alcohol can be switched for virtually any flavored vodka/rum or maybe even gin. For all you experimenters out there, try the orange, limejuice, and grenadine together to know what the ‘natural’ taste of the mixers is without the alcohol. This way, you can further experiment with other juices and tastes of alcohols.

General notes: The party prep is much less concerned about presentation. It’s fast and it’s hassle-free. Given that we are all rather eager to imbibe alcohol at this juncture in our lives and that we just want to get something tasty down the hatch to relax the atmosphere, the party prep set of instruction will cater to this mindset. I assume that not everyone has all of the standard glassware to present the cocktails or the appropriate tools with which to create them.

The formal instructions are bar-ready. With these instructions, I assume that you have all the tools and resources to execute a professional-looking cocktail. This is for all you fancy-pants out there who want the whole 9-yards.


Next time: I talk about a cask.

J Lo, out.

3 comments on “J Lo announces his project – part 1 of infinity.

  1. Tejal Thakkar says:

    Seojin and I like pulp in our orange juice!

  2. mtong22 says:

    i should put up that recipe for a touki sometime!

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