A Casktail: Mind, blown

Dear beverage enthusiasts,

As I told you last time, I am going to talk about another project I’m doing with a good friend of mine, Kevin. Mid-way through a class, he texts me to check out a website. The last few minutes of class were creeping very slowly, and I decided to take a quick glance. I saw one word before the professor gave me a shifty eye: cask.

Sweet baby Jesus! A cask! Excitement ensues.

My friend’s idea is to experiment with a new beverage trend: aged cocktails. Basically, we’ll put a cocktail mix into an Oak barrel and then play the waiting game (3 weeks). As it turns out, there’s quite a bit of literature out there on the interwebz. This guy knows a thing or two, and it’s where Kevin and I are drawing inspiration from to devise our own cocktail recipe.

It’s all in the works right now because we just ordered our own barrel. 3 Liters of “aww yee.” The recipe is still in the works, but one ingredient we know we’re going to be using is the Irish Mist, an Irish Whiskey liqueur. Leave comments if you think you have a good idea for our cocktail! We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, or we’d be bastards (tasting party, anyone? I’ll keep you posted through our Beverage Club Facebook page).

I’ll post some pictures when this badboy arrives.


J Lo

Next time, I blast to the past with Sangria.


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