Midnight Wine Talks #1: Mirassou

Welcome to our new column where Sunnie and I will be ‘live blogging’ once a week about a different wine. School’s stressful and sometimes after a long day, you just want to pop a cork. We’re wine amateurs (although Sunnie’s taking the infamous Wines class and will be applying her education!) and might be bullshitting from time to time but like most young drinkers, we’re learning. Hopefully, this simple guide can help you find some good wines because let’s face it, selecting wines when you don’t know anything about them can be tricky. I’ve googled “good supermarket wines” on my iPhone while shopping more than once but it usually didn’t help. So, a bottle a week, it can’t be that tedious, right?


Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2009
Origin: California
ABV: 13.5%
Price: ~$9-10

Winemaker’s notes: “Offering intense flavors of cherry and plum, with delicate floral notes, and hints of vanilla… This versatile wine pairs beautifully with salmon, poultry, or risotto.”

Our notes:

Sunnie: This goes down too easy.

Audrey: Smooooth.

Sunnie: Light body. I like white wines and this doesn’t have the heavy body that a lot of red wines have.

Audrey: Barely any tannins! It’s not bitter at all. I think I taste cherries.

Sunnie: The color’s very light, I think that means it’s younger. If you tilt the glass, the gradation from the edge is lighter.

Audrey: Probably not heavy enough to drink with red meat, so the back label’s got it right. This wine’s definitely for lighter meats like fish or poultry.

Sunnie: Whoa! If you don’t decant it, you can taste more tannins, it’s much stronger. Yes, I’m already on glass two.

Audrey: (sips Sunnie’s undecanted glass of wine) You’re right, it’s a lot heavier. I think I prefer it decanted. According to the interwebs, decanting aerates the wine, and can smooth out the harsher tastes of the tannins.

Sunnie: According to Wikipedia, Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon calls pinot “sex in a glass”. I’m sold.

Peace, Love, and Drinks,

Audrey and Sunnie

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