Hot Spiced Milk

There’s that time of night on weekdays, somewhere between 7 and 11pm, that isn’t late enough to start worrying about homework but too early to sleep. I find myself in this limbo quite often. Usually I end up catching up on the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire and craving something warm to drink. This non-tea chai is not as heavy as hot chocolate or as caffeinated as coffee.

Hot Spiced Milk
makes 1 large serving

1.5 cups milk
~2 teaspoon cinnamon
~1 teaspoon ground ginger
~1 teaspoon allspice
~1 teaspoon cloves
Dash of vanilla extract
Sweeten to taste with sugar or agave nectar

I never really measure the ingredients, so the measurements are approximate. Put all ingredients, except for the extract and sweetener, in a small saucepan. Bring to a low simmer and be sure to keep stirring so that the milk doesn’t burn on the bottom of your pot. The longer you cook it, the more water cooks off and the creamier your drink is! I used 2% milk. Add extract and sweetener at the end in your glass. The spices get in the way of drinking so, unless you want to wait for them to collect at the bottom of your glass, pour the drink through a sieve.


Happy Holidays!

– A

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